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Clearing out the Clutter

Audrey Wolf Blog Post - Clearing Out the Clutter

Well, our computer hard drives are kinda the same way, at least for me. Sitting here at my desk I have an iMac with 1T of space and I can count an additional 24 external hard drives. 🙈 And keep in mind, there are more upstairs in a closet.

They hold fifteen years worth of photographs and videos taken professionally, along with all of our family photos since joining the digital world. Anyone else feel my pain?

Well, I’ve spent this week trying to organize what’s important, and delete what I no longer need, and I haven’t even scratched the surface. UGH! It’s like diving into a never-ending rabbit hole.

And that, my friend, is exactly where I have been these past few days, stuck in that stupid rabbit hole! So I’m now working on a new blog post sharing my tips and tricks to get your digital life organized and how to keep it that way. As soon as it’s finished I’ll highlight it in my stories.

In the meantime, the best piece of advice I have for you, START FROM WHERE YOU ARE. You heard me right. Don’t think about the hundreds of photos stashed on your phone (at least for now), but instead, create a few folders on your phone, iPad, or computer and start organizing new images and content that you create today!

Now, my coffee is calling my name and I have lots to catch up on, so happy Thursday, friend!

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