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Living with Distractions

Audrey Wolf Blog Post - Living with Distractions

Distractions come in many forms and learning to live with them is not always easy.

Living with distractions is the story of, well, everyone! But, the way we each handle them may be very different.

Do you find it difficult to stay focused when you’re working? Do you get knocked off track by a phone call, text, or an interesting article? You, my friend, are not alone!

ME, this morning.

The dreaded alarm cried out, my feet hit the floor, and glancing at my nightstand, I realized my normal steaming cup of coffee is missing because my hubby is traveling. 🙊  Luckily I remembered to get the pot ready the night before, so all I had to do was make my way downstairs, push start, and soon the aroma of freshly brewed coffee was wafting through the house.

Realizing the time, I grabbed my mug and headed to my desk thinking, “it’s almost time to post on IG and you don’t have anything ready yet”.  SHOCKING! 😂 Apparently my computer was struggling to wake up as well. While I waited, I called my sister (a morning ritual) . . . . and then my Mother.

Twenty minutes later, I turned my attention back to the screen and realized that I had 41, yes, you read that correctly, 41 tabs open from yesterday. The day hasn’t even begun and I’m already side-tracked by yesterdays distractions. Holy Cow!

Harnessing Those Web Distractions

Any of this hit home with you? Over the years I have learned that living with distractions is a monster we all face. Avoiding them is not always easy, but I am much better than I used to be, and YOU can be too.

Do this for me. Stop what you’re doing and count how many tabs you have open in your browser. (For fun, share below or DM me on Instagram.) Now, what I want you to do is take a few minutes, open each tab, and determine if the information is relevant to your current project. If the answer is yes, hooray! If the answer is no, keep reading.

For all the other articles you either need or want to read, jot the web address on a notepad, or better yet, save it to your sidebar for quick access later. (DM me on Instagram if you don’t know how.) For everything else, shut it down. Now you are ready to refocus all your attention on what needs to be done right this minute.

Moving forward, when you’re working on a project and you come across a blog or website housing info that would benefit your business or life, rather than stopping your work and crawling down a rabbit hole, save it for later. Schedule a designated time to refer back to your sidebar and read those saved articles.

ME, now.

Finally, almost four hours later, three more phone calls (my daughter, my hubby, and Mom-again), a bowl of oatmeal, and I’m ready to post. Double tap if you ever have days like these! Wait, double tap where??? (Sound of screeching tires.)

Long story short, this started as an Instagram post but, by the time I finished, I had a blog post. I’ll take that as a win for the day! 😁

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