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Taking a Leap – A New Season of Life

Audrey Wolf Blog Post - Taking a Leap - A New Season of Life

Where to begin? With the dawn of a new blog and Styled Stock Photography website, I should probably begin by introducing myself and explaining the title here, taking a leap.

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Hello 🙂 My name is  Audrey and I am the photographer, content creator, and founder of The Little Stock Shop–now The Content Bar. I’m a wife to an amazing man, seriously! He brings me coffee in bed almost every day! Of course, if you already follow me, you probably know that I am a Starbucks coffee junkie. So, for me, this is golden! We have three incredible kids, ages 23, 25, and 26, (yes, I am THAT old), and a wonderful new daughter-in-law. 💞


My photography & small business journey began in 2004. I’d been a stay-at-home mom since 1991 and I remember thinking “What will I do when my kids are grown and leave home?” So, I started thinking of things I loved to do and, as a result, my photography business was born. Sports is where I shot my first photographs as a professional. It made sense to me because my kids were all extremely active in several sports. And, I told myself that I wasn’t “professional enough” to do portraits or weddings. We’ve all been there, right?

After receiving numerous requests, I began shooting weddings, high school seniors, and absolutely loved it. My business grew substantially over the years and I somehow managed to attract the most amazing clients! No joke, I have managed to cultivate THE most amazing, long-lasting friendships through my photography business, not only with clients but with fellow photographers I met along the way.


And now, a new season of my life has begun. One without the pitter-patter of little feet; the carpooling back and forth to school & sporting events; the feeding of an entire football team (yep, I was that mom lol); the running all over a cross country field with my camera slung over my shoulder; or Friday nights spent with the family. Times have changed and Friday night is now date night; my kids are in three different states; and I, well I want to be available when my kids call and say “Hey, we’re coming home for the weekend.” Or if my hubby says “Want to go with me on my business trip next week?” Consequently, starting fresh means spending time with those that are most important to me.

Transitioning my portrait photography business over to a styled stock photography shop has made those things possible. And I AM LOVING IT! Shooting details at a wedding was one of the things I loved the most and as a result, this is an extension of that. The most amazing part of my job now is that I have the privilege of helping YOU, my friend, in growing and expanding your dreams.


For me, taking the leap in a different direction was a scary thing. But, am I in my happy place? Why, yes, I can honestly say that I am, and it seems like that’s where we all should strive to be, right? Hence, The Content Bar, created to help you on your journey to find that place that brings you joy.

Audrey ~ xoxo

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