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Time Management Struggles: Finding Productivity and Balance

Audrey Wolf Blog Post - Time Management

Do you get started on a project and lose track of time, or are you the person who sets a timer and when it dings (or whatever it is you have yours set to do), you stop and move on to the next item on your agenda?

Honestly, I wish I could say I listen when my alarm yells at me to stop, but I tend to think, “just a few more minutes on this,” 🙈 and I keep working. The end result is often that, even though I might accomplish a ton of work, it wasn’t what I had on my calendar for the day.

Please tell me I am not alone!!! 😩 For all my friends who are the opposite, I would love suggestions on how to overcome this problem. One of my goals moving forward is to stay on track and see if it makes a difference in my productivity.

And more importantly, to see if it makes a difference in me, health wise. You see, when I get in the zone, it’s not unusual for me to sit at my desk, starting in the early morning hours up until dinner time, and sometimes beyond. Not a good thing, I know!!

That being said, I’m putting this out there so that you, my friend, can help keep me accountable and on track. That’s one of the things I love about this platform. The support and encouragement from friends across the globe, most of whom I’ve never met, is absolutely incredible!

If you have a goal, regardless of what it is, share below so we can encourage you, and together we will make this a journey like no other!

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