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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How will I gain access to the presets once I purchase them?

You will receive an email with a download link once you have completed your purchase.

What if I haven’t received a confirmation email?

Typically one of the following has occurred. Either our email hit your spam box, or you entered the incorrect email when placing your order. Regardless, we’re here to help. If you can’t locate the email in your spam, simply send an email and include “Resend My Confirmation Email” in the subject line so my team will know how to respond.

Installing Mobile Presets

How do I install the presets on my phone?

Click below to follow our instructions on how to install your new presets on your mobile device.

Where can I find the Unzip app?

You can find the Unzip app from the app store on your phone, or by clicking the link below.

**PLEASE NOTE: If you have the latest version of IOS on an iPhone, you can download the ZIP folder directly and it will unzip for you into iCloud files.**

How do I get the free Lightroom Mobile app?

You can find the Lightroom Mobile app within the app store on your phone or by clicking the link below.

Installing Desktop Presets

How do I install the presets on my computer or laptop?

Click below to follow our instructions on how to install your new presets on your desktop device.

General Q’s

What’s the difference between a preset and a filter?

A filter is applied over the top of a photo (like the filters included with the Instagram app). Other than adjusting the strength of the filter, you can’t make any other adjustments.

A preset is a predetermined set of edits that is 100% customizable. Once you apply the preset, you can then go back and adjust each individual setting to achieve the final look you want for your image.

How tech-savvy do I need to be to use these presets?

These presets are simple to install and use. You just need to be able to follow easy-to-install instructions (we include a video version as well). Our support team is also on hand to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

I’ve never used presets before. Why do I need them?

These mobile presets are used for editing phone images consistently across a large number of photos so that your brand is reflected through your photos. You just need the free Lightroom Mobile app to use them.

Do presets change the quality of the image?

No, our presets won’t take away any of the quality of your image. However, we always suggest that you check with your print company to confirm quality prior to printing.

Do I have to purchase these again if I get a new phone or switch devices?

No. These are yours for life! We suggest that you store the original files in a safe place on your computer hard drive.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of a downloadable digital product, all sales are final. We are unable to offer any refunds or returns on the purchase of our presets, templates, or images.


Can’t find your confirmation email with a download link?

Be sure and check your spam folder. Still can’t find it? Send an email to hello@audreywolf.co requesting a resend.

Don’t see Lightroom Mobile as an option from the Unzip app?

Make sure you are opening an individual preset, not the entire folder.

If you are having trouble installing and using your new presets, please visit our “How To” tutorials or send us an email at hello@audreywolf.co and a team member will typically get back to you within 24 hours.