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Ocean Breeze

Mobile Lightroom Preset Collection

Maintain the integrity of the color of your photos by adding a teal tone with these gorgeous Ocean Breeze Mobile Lightroom Presets. This collection includes 12 custom presets designed to transform your images.

  • Easy On-Click, on-the-go Mobile Edits so you get scroll-stopping, professional-looking images
  • 12 Lightroom Mobile Presets
  • Specifically created for high-quality photos taken in natural light
  • Quickstart PDF guide for installing with the FREE Lightroom mobile app
  • Perfect for travel bloggers, parents, and Instagrammers


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What do I get with the Ocean Breeze Collection?

Your set comes with 12 Lightroom Mobile Presets including all of the styles below. Each one is designed to achieve a different style depending on the lighting and white balance conditions of your original photo. Flip through the examples below to see how each style transforms the photos.

Browse through the different preset styles below, then click the photos to open full-screen view.

How do Mobile Presets work? It’s easy.

The download for your new presets will be available immediately upon purchase. The zip folder can be accessed from either your phone or your desktop.

Install the App

Download the Adobe Lightroom Mobile App on your phone.

Download Your Preset

Download and open the presets on your phone.

Open in Lightroom

Open the files into Lightroom.

Start Editing

You’re all set to start editing like a pro!

A Little More Info About Our Presets

These are extremely easy to use, making your editing a breeze! Whether you’re a business owner, a mom, a blogger, or a professional photographer, these presets can easily transform your images in as little as one click.

Ranging from light & dreamy to darkening skies, these are designed mainly for photographs taken in natural light. Some are designed to brighten up dark images and some to darken overly bright ones; some with slight variations for warmer or cooler tones. Not every preset will work on every photo.

As with any preset, please remember that these will look different on every photo because no two photos are alike. Each photo has its own unique lighting, white balance, camera, subject, etc. Just like shopping for a new dress, you may need to try several on each image to see which one you like best.


  1. These presets are designed for Lightroom Mobile and will not work with the desktop version.
  2. As with any preset, these will look different on every photo because no two photos are alike.
  3. Due to the digital nature of these presets, we do not offer refunds or exchanges.

Wondering if this preset could work for you? Request a test edit to see the preset on one of your own photos!